"Flights of Fancy"

"Flights of Fancy" is a set of 18 artworks based on photographs (in this series our feathered friends) taken by myself throughout Western Massachusetts.

I use a computer and various programs and techniques to bring out and enhance aspects of the subject. It could be color, form, texture, emotion - whatever happens to reveal itself to the camera and my eye.

After creating the work on the computer, I print the image using archival quality ink and paper.  I bond the print to prepared artists' panel and varnish the print and edges to protect it.

Sizes and prices are shown if you hover the cursor over the thumbnail. Should you wish to purchase one of these, sales tax, packaging, and shipping charges will be added and will vary depending on the size of the piece.

If you need more information or wish to make a purchase, please contact me through the "Contact" page on this site or just email me at [email protected] or call me at 413-563-0292.

I hope you enjoy these works.  My next series will be "Playing Koi", sometime this summer.